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The Role of the Council

The Palestinian Legislative Council acts as a Parliament whereas the responsibility of enacting legislations, and oversight over the executive authority are now its duties.
Functions of the Palestinian Legislative Council:
It is represented by enacting laws, modifying it, and cancelling it.
Control is done by monitoring the conduct of the executive authority, and the extent of its commitment to constitutional rules, and perhaps the most important forms of control exercised by the legislative authority is the financial control of the executive power; where the PLC appoints general observer and a separate accountant to examine whether government’s expenditures are going according to the budget that is approved by the parliament or not. The observer will be a person or a committee formed by the Parliament. •
3· Accounting:
It is one of the basic functions of the legislative authority, which is closely linked to the function of control. The legislative power has the right to question members of the executive authority, and has the right to submit its recommendations of no confidence, both in the government as a whole or for some people in the government. Also, it has the right ask some people in executive power to submit their resignations if it is proved against them any infringement.

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